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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

President Trump Threatens To 'Totally Destroy' North Korea In U.N. Speech | TIME

Opinion by Scott McLean/Planet News Views

I don't like what the president said. President Trump doesn't seem to understand the importance of good diplomacy. Threats from both sides are horrible.

There are lots of good people everywhere, and I'm sure that includes North Korea. It's the leader of that country who is dangerous and it's North Korea's weapons and government that needs to be stopped, and if necessary could include destroying their ability to harm other countries. The country itself and the people are victims or being forced to live under that regime there. Don't take it out on innocent people. The president should do a better job of working for a peaceful solution.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


The picture below is only to show what it looks like in the news story on the BBC website. It's not a video here. 

The video there wouldn't open. I hope other people can watch it and get more information.

Please go to


This is important news on BBC News: "Philippines drug campaign condemned by senior Catholics"  
I couldn't get this video to open so I wondered if someone was preventing me from seeing it.