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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Views Affect The News

What is News? It turns out it's whatever the major news media think is important enough to report on television, the radio, newspaper or on their news websites.

Let's forget about that for a moment. Really the news that matters is what affects the lives of people every day.

Celebrities walking down the street to the corner grocery store with no make up on, looking like they don't own a hairbrush or a home with a shower is news in a very lowercase sense.

Okay, millions of people think it's pretty amusing or they wouldn't be snapping pictures of beautiful actresses suffering through their most human moments.

Views often become news as well. How many people really are personally impacted by the finalized trade of a controversial athlete? Not many. But we all love the controversy and sure enjoy chatting with friends and talk show hosts about the player. What sports fans think is a story in itself. If player and the trade wasn't controversial, fans probably wouldn't care and it wouldn't be a huge story.

And then there are sensationalized news, supposed trials of our lifetime, political scandals and other wild stories with a stranglehold on national coverage, as though reporters don't know how to get off one story and onto another.

We get tired of the sensationalism, but there never seems to be an end to it. That may be why many people are so sick of "the NEWS" and would rather have their own blogs to share their ideas, insights, and what they feel is important with their readers. The rapid growth of this form of communication is one of the big news stories in recent years.

This blog is not an attempt at newswriting, rather it is all about analysis of what is going on around the planet, the news, and it pays particular attention to cultural, political, and social ideas and actions. And let's not forget some fun along the way, which means sports, movies, food, and music when the time permits.


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