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Friday, January 27, 2006

No Bird Flu in Philippines Says Government, Siquijor Province Must Prepare

The Philippines is one of two countries in Asia that have not been affected by the virus that causes bird flu, according to the Philippine Information Agency, which provides government reports to the Philippine public.

One province is not prepared for the possibility of a bird flu outbreak, the agency on Friday announced.

"The danger is imminent! In the immediate term, the province of Siquijor must create a task force to prepare itself for possible entry of the pandemic Avian influenza, better known as bird flu," the Provincial Veterinary Office of Siquijor Province stated at a planning meeting earlier this week.

A Provincial Bird Flu Task Force as well as a task force in every municipality will have purpose of detecting Avian virus cases, responding to them, and providing a public awareness program, PIA reported.


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