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Friday, February 10, 2006

Russian President Putin Could Gain Popularity With Ice Cream Publicity

Last month Nestle became the global leader in ice cream after gaining full ownership of Dreyer's ice cream company, a Nestle press release announced.

Almost as impressive, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Nestle ice cream some big time publicity just by eating the famous brand, a article shows.

At first glance and second glance too, it sounds like a stroke of marketing genius, but no matter how it came about, President Putin made points, softening his image.

Russia's goals of retaining membership in the G-8, an elite club of the eight most advanced countries, and entrance into the World Trade Organization depend on economic factors but also its leader's popularity.

The world seeing the softer, "sweeter" side of the Russian President was good publicity for him and the Nestle ice cream company.


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