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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Everything From Ports To Sports On Planet News Views

Looking Ahead To The NBA Playoffs
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Detroit is the favorite to reach the NBA Finals. This article looks ahead to the playoffs.

President Bush Continues Support Of Dubai Ports Deal
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Americans were outraged over the Dubai ports deal putting a company from the Middle East in charge of some United States ocean ports.

Read this article for more information on President Bush's support of the ports deal.

U.S. Ports Should Be Managed By U.S. Companies
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Politicians often don't seem to grasp the obvious. Protecting America's ports first and foremost would seem "obvious" but maybe we are giving the people we elect to much credit.

Many Americans didn't even realize that foreign companies were in charge of U.S. ports, but isn't it the responibility of so-called leaders who have all this information to make wise decisions.

And if America is at war to fight terrorists, what good will those gains be if we our security within our borders to chance. Read more in my political opinion article by clicking on the above link.


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