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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Heat Go Cold When Playing Pistons, Suns Hot Shooting Continues

Steve Nash, last season's MVP, is why the hot Suns are looking like a championship contender

By Scott McLean

With the regular season almost over, the Detroit Pistons have really taken charge in the NBA's Eastern Conference.

The Pistons lead the Miami Heat by almost 10 games for the best record and important homecourt advantage.

That's simply amazing. Miami is not bad with Shaq and Dwayne Wade, but compared with Detroit... uh, there is no comparison. The Pistons fourth quarter pounding of the Heat a few days ago proves my point.

Now that Amare Stoudamire is back from injury, the Dallas Mavericks versus Phoenix Suns could have the potential for a classic series. But then one of those teams must inevitably play the San Antonio Spurs. Good luck.

If you just said, "Scott, no way" then I hear you... The hot hand of superstar guard Steve Nash could keep the Suns from going down in the West.

Nash is one of the NBA's best scorers when he's hot, as he proved last year in the playoffs, making shots from all over the floor. He also had more huge games than this writer remembers in, uh (scratching my head and thinking) since Michael Jordan was leading the Chicago Bulls to championships.

If there is an edge for Phoenix in the playoffs, it's Nash, who is one of the NBA's great competitors, playmakers and passers. For the Suns to win a championship, he will have to get them there.


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