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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Notes On Reaching The NBA Playoffs

By Scott McLean

I know what some of you are thinking after I didn't mention the Indiana Pacers in the last article. You wonder what's wrong with me.

You're muttering: The Indiana Pacers are contenders in the East!

Well, maybe, not so fast...

Peja Stojakovic is an outstanding scorer. The team plays solid defense. Indiana will probably make the playoffs, but if they play Detroit or Miami in the first round I'm guessing it won't be a happy ending for Pacers fans.

Last year the Chicago Bulls were the surprise team in the NBA, not just reaching the playoffs but showing they could win once they got there.

They were too young and inexperienced to make a real championship run. But they were so much fun to watch.

The Bulls aren't doing a great job defensively this year, and it's going to be hard to make the playoffs.

The final two teams to get into the playoffs will have a difficult time winning even one against Detroit or Miami.

Miami has two superstars, but I don't think it necessarily means they will win a championship this year. However, the opening playoff series should be easy for Shaq, Dwayne Wade and their teammates.

After losing some close games to lesser opponents in recent weeks, the Detroit Pistons have to start playing the tough championship-type defense which was why they won a title two years ago.

Detroit could finish the regular season with 25 more wins than their first round opponent. Wow!

That doesn't mean anything, right? You might be thinking, Scott, in the playoffs everybody starts with the same record. And they all have the identical number of wins. Zero.

How true. But at least a few of those teams will be exiting the playoffs with that number of wins as well. I'm referring to those teams that barely reach the playoffs. The ones that must play Miami and Detroit in the first round.


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