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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is Kobe Bryant the MVP?

By Scott McLean

With an impressive scoring average, Kobe deserves to be recognized for having an outstanding season. He is one of the great players in the NBA, arguably the greatest right now. But is that the same as being the most valuable player?

Basketball has become a game of superstars,which I pointed out in an article a few months ago.

Still, no matter how much we enjoy watching superstars score 30,40, 50 or more points in a single game, basketball is a team sport. Player stats are important, but there are all kinds of valuable numbers. Scoring average is just one of them.

Assists, rebounds, steals and blocked shots are important, too. Let's not forget defense. Teams that win championships play outstanding defense. And of course there are all kinds of hustle plays that don't show up on paper...

Wins determine playoff seeding and homecourt advantage. When selecting an MVP, it's worth considering how much each MVP candidate means to his team's goals of improving, reaching the playoffs, and becoming a championship contender.

Next time: My MVP list and who I think should be MVP


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