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Friday, May 05, 2006

Americans Can Make A Difference On Immigration Reform

By Scott McLean

Before going out for my Friday evening latte, I thought of a few encouraging words on immigration issues that might be helpful.

In the last post I wrote: Let's overcome hurt feelings with forgiveness, friendship, love and kindness. This was my response to the recent protests by illegal immigrants here in the United States. However, more needs to be said.

Americans should be thinking what they will tell their members of Congress regarding immigration reform. A letter to your representative is the best way to share your opinion.

It's up to you what you write, but one thing really stands out to me: We all know very little has been done to stop millions of individuals from illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

America needs to secure the border as soon as possible by hiring more border patrol agents.

Hopefully, Congress will read all their mail and get the message, that the opinions of American citizens matter far more than protests by illegal immigrants.

Congress needs to do a better job of listening to voters, especially as this is an election year.


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