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Monday, May 01, 2006

Early Playoff Surprises, Top Teams Struggle

By Scott McLean

After playing four games of a seven-game playoff series, the San Antonio Spurs don't look so dominant anymore. The Sacramento Kings are now tied at two wins apiece with the defending NBA champions.

Defense is what the Spurs are known for and why they won the title last year. But they need to do a better job of guarding the Kings hot shooters, as well as get more physical around the basket. The series is closer than I expected, and it could go the full seven games.

Another surprise is the way the Los Angeles Lakers have beaten the Phoenix Suns in three out of four games, thus far. One more loss and the high-scoring Suns will be out of the playoffs.

Phoenix needs a huge performance from Steve Nash if they are going to continue this year's quest for a championship.

The Miami Heat looked tough when they played in Miami, but now that they are playing in Chicago, the Bulls are looking good. Tied at two games each, Miami needs a win to regain momentum.

I'm not saying Bulls will knock the Heat out of the playoffs, but these young Bulls have a lot of talent and heart. It's another series that could take seven games to decide.

No matter what happens in these three series, this year's playoffs have been very exciting.


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