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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Thoughts On The NBA Playoffs

Sports Commentary
By Scott McLean

The NBA playoffs are a lot of fun again this year. It's quite possible San Antonio and Dallas will have to play seven games to decide their series.

Phoenix vs. the Los Angeles Clippers might get interesting, too, but I still say the Suns will prevail in six.

In the Eastern Conference, the Detroit Pistons are dominating the Cleveland Cavaliers, although LeBron James will make more tremendous plays before the series is over.

Regardless, it could be a Detroit sweep, unless LeBron's teammates do more scoring and play better defense.

Before the series began, I thought the Cavaliers would win one or two games, but I don't see them making the Pistons worry.

The New Jersey Nets vs. Miami Heat is a much more physical series, which could take the full seven games to decide. I think the Heat will win the series, if only because of Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaq creates matchup problems for the Nets, who will probably double-team him when he has the ball near the basket.

Rather than put all their effort into limiting Shaq, in my opinion the Nets need to do a good job of guarding Dwayne Wade and the rest of Miami's shooters.

If the Nets keep scoring the way they have all season, with Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson taking the ball to the basket and efficiently making jump shots, and Jason Kidd passing the ball to them, they could make this a close series.


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