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Sunday, September 17, 2006

An All New York World Series is Possible, But Don't Count Out Other Playoff Teams

Sports Opinion
By Scott McLean

Look out! Here come the Yankees! They are going to be tough to beat (Boo! Mets fan here) in the playoffs. Okay, I'll try to be objective, but it kinda takes the fun out of baseball...

Are you thinking about another subway series between the Mets and Yankees? First they must win their playoff and league championship series.

Actually, as a Mets fan I'm afraid of teams with lesser records going up against the Mets in the playoffs.

The teams that barely get in to the playoffs usually are playing their best baseball in September and October. In other words, they win big games under pressure. So, if your favorite team reaches the playoffs as a wild card, they have a slight edge.

In the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles lead the NFC East, as they were the only team in the division to win last week.

In their games against teams outside the division, the Washington Redskins didn't have enough offense, Dallas Cowboys had too many turnovers, and New York Giants weren't able to outscore the Indianapolis Colts.

The Chicago Bears pounded the Green Bay Packers. Is Brett Favre ready for NFL retirement, or is he going to lead a Green Bay turnaround? I'm not going to count them out, but so far the other three teams -- Bears, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings -- are playing the stingy defense necessary to win the NFC Central.

Seahawks fans, I said your team would be very, very good this year. However, last week they couldn't score a touchdown. I'm wondering, were the Lions really that good on defense, or was the Seahawks offense having a terrible game?

I think Seattle is going to be tough again soon, once they start running the football like they did last season.

Enjoy today's games!


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