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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bangkok's Rangsit McDonald's "Open" and Busy As Usual The Day After Military Coup

By Scott McLean

Zeer Rangsit McDonald's is open -- and very busy--despite a military coup occurring in Bangkok less than a day ago. That's the "tasty" tidbit of information my friend told me a little more than an hour ago.

Nothing seems to stand in the way of fast food, although it's true that most businesses in the Rangsit area were open, something I'll describe more fully later today.

For the moment I'd like to reflect on my visit to Bangkok a year ago and how I spent a good deal of time in the Rangsit area.

Actually I have quite a fondness for that McDonald's and the entire area because I spent happy times there with my friend. If asked, I would have to give that business district a very high rating.

The only downside was a few times when we, along with many other people, were stuck in the restaurant because the monsoon rains came without notice and the street was flooding.

It reminded me of years ago when I had to take photos of a flood for a newspaper. One of the pictures was of a McDonald's, and the drive-thru sign barely poked out above the water and rescue boats were freely maneuving between trees and around the internationally famous fast food restaurant.

It's just one of my more interesting fast food stories, which really has little to do with today's news, or commentary for that matter. However, just seeing businesses survive in the face of the storm or military coup must be some kind of good sign.


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