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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some of My Favorite Star Trek Episodes

By Scott McLean

Science fiction movies and TV series for decades have provided audiences with great entertainment.

Modern sci-fi films seem quite believable as they dazzle viewers with remarkable special effects. While they are realistic looking, how would anyone know what's really possible?

Human beings have been to the moon, but space missions to far away worlds don't seem likely in the near future.

Star Trek has taken viewers on a journey through outer space to unusual planets, made us believe space travel could happen in the future and that it would be amazing.

I have been a huge fan of the first Star Trek TV series pretty much all my life. It often touched on serious themes, especially getting at the complexities of human beings, who love, laugh, cry, hate and at times fight like savages.

Anyway, the next few articles will have mini reviews of Star Trek episodes, but I've chosen not to do a "Top 10" or list them in chronological order of when they first aired on TV. Since I'm doing this from memory and I haven't seen some of the episodes for several years, I won't get into much trivia.

I will be back tomorrow with an article on some of my favorite episodes.


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