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Friday, October 13, 2006

Star Trek Episodes of the '60s Among Sci-Fi's Best

By Scott McLean

After a few readers requested movie reviews, I decided to write a list of my favorite Star Trek episodes, which makes sense as this is the 40th anniversary of the famous TV series.

Aside from my sister’s objections when we were kids that the rocks looked fake (it was the 60’s, what did she expect?) Star Trek was among the best, most original TV series of all time.

Actually, sis would have been more accurate to have said Star Trek “rocked” because the stories were always interesting, the characters personal, and the episodes dealt with big issues, not shying away from the topics of human nature and emotions.

In recent years, sci-fi movies have become more believable with incredible special effects that dazzle moviegoers. Like sci-fi fans all over the planet, I enjoy those movies (Star Wars, The Matrix and others) but the original Star Trek series, in my opinion, did a better job of taking on big issues and making it all very exciting.

Over the next week or two, I’ll write about a few of my favorite Star Trek episodes.


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