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Monday, October 16, 2006

Thais Listen For a Big Winner

By Scott McLean

Radios and televisions across the country are being turned on as people anxiously await a major announcement...

It's what Thailand is talking about, although it has nothing to do with the political changes following last month's military coup.

I'm told someone could be smiling there this afternoon, if he or she has the winning lottery ticket for the grand prize. Many Thais, like Americans, seem to be hooked on the lottery.

For some people, the lottery announcement is bigger than the major news of the day. Most of us have known someone with a plan to win the lottery and what they would do with the money "when" they win it.

Back to what's happening in Thailand...

The setting: sunny, but not hot, a regular workday in the middle of the afternoon.

People are at their jobs as usual but "some people don't pay attention to their work," says N.P., MBA in Thailand.

"We still work but we understand together because we have announcement of lottery today. Many people will not go out of home because they want to know result of the lottery," said N.P, who adds that some business offices turn on the radio and most bosses don't seem to mind.

However, the lottery in Thailand, which is announced every 15 days, is not without it's critics and while the government uses lottery revenues, some members of government are opposed to it.

"It makes people's life with dreaming, and not do anything... It's a social problem, too," N.P. said.

Also, there are lots of prizes but the biggest prize or jackpot can range from a few million baht to around 70 million baht.

Note: N.P., MBA, Thailand contributed to this article.


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Victorlau said...

Hi,you don't read chinese,that's ok, since I can read english.You blog is interesting, I'll come here periodically for reading you post.^_^

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Jom said...

hi, Scott
I'm so surprise that you write about Thailand :-)

I agree with what N.P said it's make people live in dream's life ... it's a social problem but lots of other social problems can be eased by these lotteries too


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