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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Senate Democrats Want Debate on Iraq War Escalation

By Scott McLean

Senate Republicans on Monday blocked debate on President Bush's plan for additional troops in Iraq, but a group of Senate Democrats are demanding a Senate debate.

According to a news release from the Senate Democratic Communications Center on PR Newswire, in a press conference on Wednesday, "Democratic Senators Patty Murray, John Kerry, Jack Reed, and Sheldon Whitehouse will join veterans of the Iraq war to call on Senate Republicans to stop blocking a debate on the president's plan to escalate the war."

The release went on to give the following statement: "Before sending another 48,000 young Americans into battle, the Congress owes it to our troops, their families, and their communities to have an honest and open discussion about their mission."

An increase of 21,500 troops, called for by President Bush, is the number we have heard over and over. However, to determine budget costs, the Congressional Budget Office looked at a scenario requiring 20,000 combat troops and 28,000 support troops, which would bring the total to 48,000, according to documents in the Congressional Budget Office website.

The Senate Democrats leading the opposition to the Iraq War surge are using this figure, and one has to wonder just how much the Bush administration plans to escalate the war.


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