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Monday, May 02, 2011

Almost 10 Years After 9/11 Terror Attacks, Osama bin Laden killed by U.S. forces

It took a long time to get Osama bin Laden. But now, according to many news reports, including one news story on CNN World (also see, bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan.

I first heard this major news story while driving last night after dark to get something to drink at a fast food restaurant, and I had no idea when I turned on the radio that big and positive news would be reported at that hour.

My first response was maybe it's another false report, but then I heard a crowd cheering in the background of FOX News coverage of bin Laden's death. I disagree with coverage that is biased in political ideology or gives any sort of false impression about what is really taking place. However, it also appears that crowds were indeed celebrating and that clearly is part of the news in this particular big story of major world significance.

As I see it, Americans have a good reason to celebrate because bin Laden chose his fate by forming and leading al Qaeda, and regardless who is accused of what, found guilty of which crimes connected to 9/11 and other terrorism before or after that day, or no matter who is believed to have done the most evil, clearly bin Laden is the one person whose actions could not go unpunished. For people to celebrate may seem rather hard to understand and that it's going too far, but we can think of it another way: celebrating freedom which must be fought for at times, and much of the time protecting the importance of freedom by exercising our rights and demanding more, including freedom of assembly and the freedom of speech, which must include spoken and written words, expression, and much more. The main point in all of this is that the only people who fear this and would try to prevent (in too many countries) or stop or reduce such freedoms are dictators, wannabe dictators, businesses, and organizations that want to rule human beings in an unconstitutional and unjust way.

Terrorists want to make people feel afraid to be who they are and afraid to speak freely and go where they want to go. This continues to be a major problem in the world and it restates what I've been hearing but the difference is I think there's no need for a big war on terror, and the best way to get the terrorists strike against them when they least expect it, the way they supposedly did almost ten years ago to the U.S. In other words, give them a dose of their own medicine. Of course, if they want to peacefully turn themselves in then that also would be acceptable because loss of life is always a bad thing. That's because life is not a thing. And life without freedom isn't life to its full promise and potential. It's not just something that terrorists don't care about but a problem for leaders of many countries and some businesses and organizations as well.

Conclusion? Sure. In the style of a few rather arrogant senators I've heard answer questions in TV interviews: Look! ... Thought bubble over my head would read: No, you look! If you're gonna try to take away the rights of people, you're gonna have opposition. Alright, now I need lots of people to back me up on this and get busy working for freedom and our rights. I hope someday soon everyone will have freedom and rights in every country on this planet.


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