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Monday, April 17, 2006

More Baseball On My Mind

By Scott McLean

The New York Mets are having a great April and their lineup looks as good as anybody's so far this season. They are showing baseball fans the Yankees aren't the only New York team that can hit home runs.

The Mets are the team of the moment. How long that moment will last is anyone's guess...

In a recent article I expressed my excitement about the fast start by the Mets and failed to mention the San Diego Padres won their division last season. Actually I forgot they won the division. Anyway, maybe that's because San Diego barely made the playoffs and struggled once they got there. The Padres do need to improve because that division can only get better.


At 10:02 AM, Blogger Aria said...

(Hello Scott,
This is my reply that already posted in my site. Now I send to you.
Just now I saw your site and feel so interesting, because I had ever using the same words as you about Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night…And found favorite cheesecake, Yummy Cookie, delicious food etc. Seems you had a great travel. I’ll visit it again.
2006/04/18 Aria)

Hi Scott,

I am so excited for seeing your comment. I am sorry it’s too late to respond to you. Due to my Blog had some trouble, I had no back for a month.

I am here Taiwan. I discovered the name (Aria) in dictionary of first names. I think and hope not so many others use that. It is simple and means well just as my character. I am not sure if I knew you although I know some foreigner. Also I like traveling and learning language especially English. But my English is not well enough-because I didn’t find good ways to learn it and not spend more time. So I always learn it for long time and I have many another interesting things to do, so that…

Iam glad to know you like the photo that is one of old Egypt. There are so many things there; the best I like is about Egypt. I’ll post more photos if you like. I say that I took the museum home in Chinese in my Blog. It was allowed by Them-Museum Toronto Canada. Last year I stay Toronto for a month and had a special traveling. Maybe I will try to write it in English but I wonder if you or others can understand my English? Let me know! Thank you so much! 

Aria Taiwan  2006/04/17


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