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Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day In Major League Baseball

More baseball predictions, written confidently, yes that's it...

By Scott McLean

Today is the official beginning of the 2006 Major League Baseball season. Boldly, yet nervously, ok confidently, yes that's it, I predicted the Chicago White Sox would go back to the World Series.

The American League is the White Sox to lose, as some say, which means they are the team to beat. It translates: The Yankees will need a strong year from Randy Johnson and the rest of the pitchers, who must be in top form when the playoffs begin, if they want to challenge the White Sox.

Ok, you now realize this is what is meant by "opinion" as opposed to "THE NEWS"... and you could easily make a case for the Yankees being world champs.

The National League is more difficult to figure out.

Actually, the Atlanta Braves, after all these years of winning divisions but not a championship in a while, should be tough again this year. But wouldn't it be fun to see the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox!

Then there are the Houston Astros and the St. Louis Cardinals with their mighty lineups. They have good starting pitchers and solid bullpens. That's why both teams are contenders.

Right now I'm leaning, leaning, leaning... in the direction of the Astros, but that could change by tomorrow, or later this week when I will have more comments. Check back later...


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