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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Getting Past The Selfishness, To Helping People In Need

By Scott McLean

Lately I've been thinking about what compassion really means... and why the protesters in the U.S. get so much attention when there are people in other countries who don't have enough food to eat or whose lives have been destroyed by a natural disaster.

One explanation why immigrants sneaked across the border from into this country is they want a better life. Who doesn't? However, some people on this planet are struggling just to stay alive.

Hopefully I'm not the only writer out there putting this in perspective: Needs are more important than wants. Selfishness gets in the way of greater good on our planet.

There are many examples of giving from the heart, but we don't hear enough about it these days.

When compassion is put into action, the world is a better place. In the Philippines a few months ago, mudslides devastated one area, and I wrote about efforts to bring aid to the people there.

The needs of people are often given less attention than they deserve in this world where so many selfish demands are made. But it's a good time for a return to what matters most in life.

I admire organizations and individuals who help survivors of natural disasters. In order to do my part, I plan to post more information about these efforts.


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