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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Conservatives In Congress Want To Ban Same-Sex Marriage, And They Are Wrong To Think This Will Protect Marriage

By Scott McLean

Half-truths and spin are politics as usual. We deserve much better.

While we cannot blame hair loss, upset stomach or nervous jitters strictly on what politicians do (or don't do), they deserve their share of blame for problems they are causing.

Conservatives in Congress and many religious conservatives in America want a constitutional amendment which by their rhetoric sounds like they want to protect marriage and families, when their real goal is to ban same-sex marriage.

Marriage and families are threatened by many things, but not by gays and lesbians wanting to be married.

Financial problems and partners not being a good match cause problems for marriages.

If politicians want to do something positive to protect marriage, they should create a new program to provide counseling to all young couples before they get married. That would reduce the number of divorces and improve relationships.


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