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Friday, September 08, 2006

My Sister Used to Say I Watched Too Much Star Trek

By Scott McLean

On the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek, I'd like to say:

"There's no such thing as too much Star Trek."

Although I did watch the show every time it came on TV, I could never get enough of Captain Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise crew and all the planets they explored.

The series was the best thing on TV in the 70's, when I first watched the reruns. Sci-fi is exciting. Indeed! It's a lot of fun. However, the genre also stretches the imagination about what could be out there in the universe. Is there intelligent life on a distant planet? I believe so.

Next time I'll publish a short list of my favorite Star Trek episodes. I've only seen every episode 10 times (though none in the last few years), so I'll do my best.

Just wish we could have studied Star Trek in high school. Wouldn't you have paid better attention if your physics teacher had been wearing pointed ears? For example, just think how many of us guys could have gotten an "A+" from a beautiful Vulcan woman, such as the babe (some of you will recall) Spock was fighting for in one episode. Spock, you were almost one lucky dude.

Do you think maybe my sister had a point? Then I guess you ought to come back again to be sure. :)

Note: I'm only joking (above) for the purpose of entertainment. I had an outstanding physics teacher in high school, and he is a nice guy.


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