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Friday, October 06, 2006

Editorial Statement:

Planet News Views has no position on partisan politics in Thailand. In other words, this blog is objective and has no opinion on Thailand's political parties and the Thai people's choice of leaders.

What matters is that the Thai people be able to choose their leaders through democratic elections, and those freedoms limited since the coup (expression, press, political assembly) are restored.

A free press independent of government control must be allowed to report the news on a daily basis. For in depth analysis of this issue, please see the article posted on Monday.

Some of the media seem to leave out what's most important about Thailand.

The Thai people respect, revere and love the King. This is quite obvious to anyone who has visited Thailand and spoken with people there. This blog echoes the words of the Thai people:

"Long live the King of Thailand!"

At the same time, may Thailand's leaders, present and future, regardless of their political party always put the people of Thailand first in their decisions and their actions.
The priority should be to bring back democracy, civil liberties and state them in a constitution.


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