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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Will Politicians Give In To Demands of Illegal Immigrants?

Will we remember 2006 as the year of protests in America? Not protests by Americans, but protests of illegal immigrants who want to remain in the United States.

Should all 12 million illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the U.S. and become citizens? What do you think? It's certainly a tough question.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Reporters, Politicians Should Pay Attention To Opinions Of People

By Scott McLean

Issues are discussed all over the planet. Everyone has an opinion, and most people wish their opinion would be factored in when government makes laws.

Unfortunately in America, at least, the debate usually has been portrayed as conservatives vs. liberals, when in fact most people are somewhere in between.

Journalists often write about the supporters and opponents of political issues as strongly "for" or "against", quoting vested interests.

Reporters interview politicians, party activists, lobbyists, nonprofit directors, labor union leaders, and business leaders.

Instead, reporters and politicians should pay attention to the diverse opinions of the citizens, with voters having real influence.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Night Issues At Planet News Views

By Scott McLean

More than on a rare occasion, I've been known to spend my leisure hours in coffee shops, especially on Friday evenings.

The bar scene began to make less sense when I noticed gray in my sideburns, not as much hair on top and realized a more peaceful environment was the best place for a Friday night philosopher.

When I arrive, my first thought is to find a nice, comfortable table, where I'm a part of the action but too much a part of it, if you know what I mean.

Sometimes we don't have much of a choice where to sit. For example, one time the last seat in the place was near the entrance, which fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) was just across from the desserts, which included some absolutely divine cheesecake, but I'm getting off the main topic...

Thinking about issues, Friday night and coffee shops all seem to go together.

On this Friday night, I had a latte and drove around, because it was getting near closing time, and I can't blame the workers for wanting to go home.

As the sun was setting, I found a place to park and began writing down my thoughts about the huge immigration dilemma in America. At the same time, the Iran and the threat of nuclear weapons also entered my mind.

Most smart-minded people don't like to think the United States could find it's way into another war. The Iraq war was successful in removing Saddam Hussein from power, but other than that the escalating costs and loss of American and Iraqi lives make it seem like a failure.

Obviously the low public approval of the job President Bush is doing at this time is a reflection of many issues. But it's clear that fewer Americans support the Iraq war than when it began a little more than three years ago.

Another war would receive even less support, in my opinion, especially if the U.S. started the war. The first-strike option is a horrible idea. The mere mention of it by the president and his Administration was a mistake, because people are expecting the worst now.

Of course what can be said about the President of Iran, who continues to speak in threats and refuses to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions. Rather than a dialogue, what seems to be playing out is a war of words, which seems to be the opposite of diplomacy the president said would be tried.

The immigration issue was too much for this Friday evening, so possibly I will have more thoughts in a few hours or days, when I'll post again...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring Is Everywhere...Unless It's Summer Where You Live

By Scott McLean

Tomorrow is Arbor Day, yet another occasion to celebrate nature, with a focus of planting trees.

Spring is a wonderful time of year to be outside and go for nature walks or roll up one's sleeves and do some gardening.

Tomorrow and this weekend, I'll be working in the garden, providing the weather is decent. The fruit trees have blossomed, the daffodils and tulips are quite beautiful, as well.

I realize the four seasons are difficult to grasp if you live in a year-around hot climate, such as in Southeast Asia. But in the Pacific Northwest (US), many other parts of North America and the world, the spring is greeted with great enthusiasm.

After months of chilly winds, snow and rain, a little sunlight breaking through the clouds in March or April is powerful in restoring smiles to faces.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Commentaries and Comments

You are welcome to leave comments. Please feel free to link to Planet News Views.

If you are interested in writing a commentary or opinion article, please let me know.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Notes On MVP Candidates

By Scott McLean

Vince Carter would have been on my first-half MVP list, but he also made a huge impact after the middle of the season.

Lots of fans think Kobe Bryant deserves to be the MVP. Kobe had an outstanding season, leading the league in scoring. But the Los Angeles Lakers struggled at times.

Steve Nash might win the award for a second time in two seasons. He made the Phoenix Suns a contender and did it without Amare Stoudamire most of the season.

Chauncey Billups is a lot like Nash in terms of excellent ball handling, passing and creating scoring opportunities for teammates. They are unselfish players in an era of superstars who demand to shoot all the time.

Assists win basketball games. Passing to the open man for high-percentage shots is what Nash and Billups do best, and that's why their teams are championship contenders.

Billups and the Pistons have homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs, while Nash and the Suns were second in the Western Conference.

LeBron James was phenomenal all season, but I felt he was at his best in the second half of the season when he turned the Cleveland Cavaliers into a contender.

Scoring in many different ways, from jump shots and dunks to three pointers, LeBron was unstoppable. However, scoring was just part of his game. His great passing and leadership were wonderful to watch, and they made the Cavaliers a legitimate playoff team.

Some players did not make my MVP lists, but they deserve recognition, too. Elton Brand is the main reason for the other Los Angeles team reaching the playoffs. The Clippers, not the Lakers, are now the best L.A. team in the NBA.

Yao Ming had a great second half of the season, dominating at the center position. He gave the Houston Rockets hope with several huge scoring and rebounding performances.

Yao became a real leader on the team, with Tracy McGrady out a large number of games.

Carmelo Anthony led the Denver Nuggets to the division title, but the team struggled at times. Carmelo should be mentioned because he had a fine season and didn't have that much help.

In a last minute decision, I chose to put Dirk Nowitzki on the MVP list, instead of Brand or Yao, because his Dallas Mavericks battled the San Antonio Spurs for best record in the Western Conference.

The Mavericks have quite a few good players, so they are a strong title contender. Nowitzki is phenomenal scorer, good passer and all-around great player, and that is why I picked him for the list.

Monday, April 24, 2006

MVP Times Three...Chauncey Billups, LeBron James, Steve Nash - All Deserve Award

By Scott McLean

Superstars make basketball exciting with their spectacular plays and big games. But sometimes a superstar's stats take the focus away from basketball being a team sport.

Still, the most important thing in basketball is winning, which becomes obvious in the playoffs. You must win or you're done for the season.

That's not to say statistics don't matter. Huge stats are what superstars one reason superstars are paid so much money.

An MVP need not be a "superstar" in terms of scoring the most points, as long he does several other things to make his team a winner.

Leadership is a quality of winners as well as playing well under pressure, making the clutch shots, those buzzer-beaters, and creating scoring opportunities for teammates.

They make average players look great by passing the ball to the open player when they are double-teamed. And they do it over and over again, making what is difficult seem effortless.

Those were my criteria for deciding which player was most valuable this season. Here are my short lists for the first half of the season and the second half of the season. It's the way I chose to do it, which I feel allowed more players to be mentioned. The following are my MVP lists:

MVP List - 1st Half:
1. Chauncey Billups, Detroit - The best player on a great team!
2. Steve Nash, Phoenix - With Stoudamire out, Nash kept Suns hot!
3. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers - Unbelievable plays, outstanding scorer!
4. Tony Parker, San Antonio- Thanks to Tony, Spurs were best in the West.
5. LeBron James, Cleveland - Spectacular all-around play improves Cavaliers.

MVP List - 2nd Half:
1. LeBron James, Cleveland - With little help, he took Cavs to No.4 seed!
2. Chauncey Billups, Detroit - His unselfish leadership made Pistons great.
3. Vince Carter, New Jersey - Fades, Boards, Dishes, Dunks...Uh, WINS!
4. Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns- Last season's MVP as good as ever.
5. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas - His great all-around game made Dallas better.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is Kobe Bryant the MVP?

By Scott McLean

With an impressive scoring average, Kobe deserves to be recognized for having an outstanding season. He is one of the great players in the NBA, arguably the greatest right now. But is that the same as being the most valuable player?

Basketball has become a game of superstars,which I pointed out in an article a few months ago.

Still, no matter how much we enjoy watching superstars score 30,40, 50 or more points in a single game, basketball is a team sport. Player stats are important, but there are all kinds of valuable numbers. Scoring average is just one of them.

Assists, rebounds, steals and blocked shots are important, too. Let's not forget defense. Teams that win championships play outstanding defense. And of course there are all kinds of hustle plays that don't show up on paper...

Wins determine playoff seeding and homecourt advantage. When selecting an MVP, it's worth considering how much each MVP candidate means to his team's goals of improving, reaching the playoffs, and becoming a championship contender.

Next time: My MVP list and who I think should be MVP

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spurs, Pistons Better Than Rest Of NBA

Prediction: San Antonio and Detroit will get back to the Finals, this time with the Pistons winning the championship

By Scott McLean

The NBA playoffs begin this weekend. With so many teams reaching the postseason, baskeball fans should have no problem finding a team to cheer for.

If you enjoy the NBA rivalries, things are going to be very interesting again this year.

When thinking of potentially great series in the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs versus the Dallas Mavericks or the Phoenix Suns come to mind.

The Suns are a high-scoring team that is fun to watch because of their fast break. With point guard Steve Nash leading the way, the Suns are a threat to the continued reign of the Spurs.

Dallas improved this season because they played good defense. In addition to having a superstar in Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavericks have several good scorers who step up at different times, helping the team to win close games.

Before the Spurs find out if the Suns or Mavericks are able to give them a good series, they have to play a team they are supposed to beat.

San Antonio's first opponent is Sacramento. They can't matchup with the Spurs, the more physical and better rebounding team. The Kings could take two games in the series if they outshoot the Spurs in those games. If not, they might get swept.

The Spurs play a tough half-court style of basketball, and only the Detroit Pistons are as good at that kind of slower, physical game. They can also speed the game up with their fast break.

Guards Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker are known for superb ball handling and beautiful passing. They also play great defense and are unselfish players.

The one way to beat the Spurs is to shoot better than they do. Of course that doesn't happen often because San Antonio defends so well against good scoring teams, like the Phoenix Suns.

The San Antonio Spurs had the best record in the Western Conference which gives them the homecourt advantage in the West.

To knock the Spurs out of the playoffs, an opponent must win at least one game in San Antonio.

Only the Detroit guards play together as well as Ginobli and Parker. They are the main reason why a Pistons vs. Spurs Finals rematch seems inevitable.

Besides the spectacular play by the guards, the Spurs and Pistons have talented players at every position as well as excellent depth.

San Antonio and Detroit can shut down good shooting teams with outstanding defense, yet another reason I think they will be in the Finals.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

NBA Playoffs About To Begin...Spurs Again?

In the next article, I will try to make a case for some team eliminating the San Antonio Spurs. Or maybe I will just state the obvious, the Spurs can't lose... Definitely leaning in the direction of the latter. Anyway, please check back...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Analysis: U.S. Diplomacy and Iran

By Scott McLean

During last week's press conference, President Bush was asked by reporters about Iran's attempt to develop nuclear weapons and what would be done to stop it.

The White House released transcripts of the press conference to the media. The president addressed concerns over Iran developing nuclear weapons, spoke about diplomacy to prevent that from happening, and downplayed rumors of possible military action against Iran.

The president called those rumors "wild speculation", which he said "happens quite frequently here in the nation's capital."

"The doctrine of prevention is to work together to prevent the Iranians from having a nuclear weapon. I know -- I know here in Washington prevention means force. It doesn't mean force, necessarily. In this case, it means diplomacy," President Bush said.

The word "necessarily" doesn't typically make people nervous, but in this context, placed at the end of the sentence, would tend to imply that prevention could include the use of force.

"U.S. National Security Strategy 2006", as made public by the White House on March 16, outlines a comprehensive approach to protecting the United States from terrorism.

A key area of the security strategy is entitled "Prevent Our Enemies from Threatening Us, Our Allies, and Our Friends with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)".

Within that section of the document is the following wording of a first-strike option: "If necessary, under long-standing principles of self defense, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur."

The option for a military strike against Iran and the threatening remarks by Iran's President, when taken together, cause great concern a war and not diplomacy will take place.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Commentaries From Many Countries

Please feel free to leave comments. Planet News Views is also looking for commentaries on what's going on throughout the world.

If you enjoy writing and have an idea for a commentary, please let me know in the comments section.

Thank you, Scott

Monday, April 17, 2006

More Baseball On My Mind

By Scott McLean

The New York Mets are having a great April and their lineup looks as good as anybody's so far this season. They are showing baseball fans the Yankees aren't the only New York team that can hit home runs.

The Mets are the team of the moment. How long that moment will last is anyone's guess...

In a recent article I expressed my excitement about the fast start by the Mets and failed to mention the San Diego Padres won their division last season. Actually I forgot they won the division. Anyway, maybe that's because San Diego barely made the playoffs and struggled once they got there. The Padres do need to improve because that division can only get better.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pistons At Home In NBA Playoffs

The Detroit Pistons have homecourt advantage in the playoffs and will be tough to stop from winning the championship

By Scott McLean

The NBA Playoffs are almost here. As I predicted long ago, the Detroit Pistons will finish the regular season with the best record, which means they have the homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs.

If the Pistons face the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, as they did last season, they would play game 7 in Detroit. That is if the series lasts seven games.

Regardless, if Detroit gets back to the championship series, their opponent will have to win at least one game in Detroit, which anyone following the Pistons knows would be extremely difficult.

Detroit versus San Antonio is the most likely championship matchup, however in the West the Phoenix Suns, led by point guard Steve Nash, last season's MVP, and the Dallas Mavericks hope to stop the Spurs from repeating as champions.

In the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat, led by Shaquille O'Neal and Dwayne Wade, are the only team with a realistic chance to stop the Detroit Pistons from advancing to the championship series.

Next time I'll give you my playoff predictions...

U.S. Immigration Reform... Click to Read

U.S. Immigration Reform Must Be Fair To All Immigrants
Planet News Views

Reporting of Immigration Protests, News And Opinion
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Immigration Reform, In Search Of Answers and Solutions
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Immigration News
Immigration Reform Group Wants Fence On U.S.-Mexico Border
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FAIR: Senate Immigration Bill Would Put U.S. On Pace To Approach One Billion By 2100
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Immigration Reform Takes Center Stage In American Politics
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Friday, April 14, 2006

Getting Past Controversy To Baseball Fun

By Scott McLean

Sluggers changing teams is always interesting, but this year anything positive about the home run race is welcome, especially as the baseball brouhaha over steroids threatens to tarnish the game's image.

It's not easy to be an optomist these days, but my suggestion is to follow your favorite team, the great rivalries and the player statistics.Just seeing Mike Piazza, the former New York Met, hit home runs in a new ballpark is cool. (If you don't like a writer who can't separate his writing from his favorite team and player, then kindly skip down a couple of paragraphs.)

Piazza plays for the Padres now, which isn't the same as playing for the New York Mets (Win!Win!Win!), but it's still a lot of fun for Piazza fans.Some people predict San Diego will climb in the standings this year, and since the division isn't the strongest, anything is possible.

Ah but the Mets are looking good...At least they are off to a strong start.

The Mets starting pitching is solid, with Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine potentially giving them about 20 wins apiece.The acquistion of slugger Carlos Delgado was a great move, who along with David Wright and Carlos Beltran provide plenty of power in the Mets lineup.Okay, you can look again, because now I'll return to reality.

The Mets will have to be at their best most of the season because they are in the same division as the Atlanta Braves.Great pitching is the reason Atlanta has won so many division titles. This ballclub has the some good hitting, too. Andruw Jones is the best home run hitter in the National League.

I know you are asking, Scott, don't you know Barry Bonds is going for the all-time home run record and in a matter of weeks will have more home runs than Babe Ruth, and possibly more than Hank Aaron by season's end??? Of course I do. But he's not going to hit 50 homer this season, especially as he has struggled so far.

The home run race is not as exciting as it used to be, and the steroids controversy has much to do with it.Fans seem to be split over what to do about players who take steroids, which really amounts to cheating because it can make players more muscular, stronger and enable them to hit the ball farther, which means more home runs.

Baseball is not just about the long ball, although who doesn't love to watch the baseball go over the outfield fence. Talk about excitement! But the pitchers duel is fantastic, too.

And talk about those rivalries, especially since interleague play started... I'm thinking of when the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees, with all their history, sluggers and tough pitching.

Anyway baseball fans, have a good season and enjoy the games.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Editorial Note: Sports Articles

Planet News Views sports articles will appear about once a week, possibly more or less often. The articles really amount to a sports column, primarily analysis and commentary on baseball, basketball and possibly other sports. When the daily grind becomes too stressful, sports is one way people unwind at the end of the day or whenever they want a little relaxation.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

U.S. Immigration Reform Must Be Fair To All Immigrants

By Scott McLean

The United States is a country of immigrants and people coming here from many other countries have helped maked the U.S. a great country.

When many cultures come together it promotes cooperation, understanding and tolerance, with potential for harmony and unity.

Unfortunately the "melting pot" image has been tarnished by massive illegal immigration. To give immigrants who arrived here without documents the same status or rights as legal immigrants cheapens the process of becoming an American.

The United States is a country with borders, and those borders should be respected and protected against terrorists and criminals.

That is why the immigration reform must include significant funding to hire several thousand more border patrol agents. The goal would be to keep out people trying to sneak in as millions have already done.

Undocumented immigrants must not be treated harshly, but stopped at the border or escorted back across the border if they enter the U.S. without a passport and visa.

The question remains, should they be returned to the countries they came from and then have an opportunity to immigrate legally in the near future, or is granting automatic citizenship the right approach?

The latter would be unfair to people from other countries who have been waiting to immigrate to America.

Allowing the millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens now without having to go back or at least go throught a lengthy process of becoming citizens would also send a message to millions of others that they can sneak in too because the U.S. will let them stay.

That perception must change to achieve that goal, employers must stop hiring illegal immigrants. Another point is many immigrants are coming here to make money, many of them sending it back to Mexico, but not integrating into American society.

Right now it's obvious that far too many immigrants remain isolated in their own little communities and do not function well in American society. The U.S. government needs to address this issue, not just for illegal immigrants but all immigrants.

Immigrants should be required to learn English, and that is for their own betterment.

Success in America requires the ability to communicate in the English. The language barrier really is a barrier to finding good, living-wage jobs and for those with families, that is all the more important.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reporting of Immigration Protests, News And Opinion

By Scott McLean

Planet News Views advises readers to examine the news and ask questions like the following: Is the news media reporting information as accurately as possible? Is "the news" only news or is it a combination of news and opinion?

Too often it seems reporters are forgetting to use "according to" and stating that an organization or individual "said", "commented" or similar words, which tells you what you are reading or hearing is "news" rather than an editorial, opinion or commentary.

Reporting of immigration protests many times has given only part of the story, failing to go into details about many of these protesters being illegal immigrants, who are not citizens of the United States.

When following this story, it's important to know that there are more than two sides of an issue, in fact there are many, but reporters typically make it seem like there are only those for and against an issue.

Moderate thinking is routinely overlooked by the media, neglected by political activists, underestimated by politicians and belittled by far right and far left commentators who want to be "right" (make everybody agree with them) rather than do what is "right" (the best thing) for a local area, country, and the planet.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Headlines... Click to Read

Immigration Reform, In Search Of Answers and Solutions
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Immigration Reform Group Wants Fence On U.S.-Mexico Border
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FAIR: Senate Immigration Bill Would Put U.S. On Pace To Approach One Billion By 2100
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Planet News Views Editorial: Immigration Reform Takes Center Stage In American Politics
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Get Well, Computer!

Nowadays, computer viruses are more common than, well, the common cold. Last night, for instance, the Planet News Views computer was under the weather.

While I tried to get back to everyone who left comments, it took about ten times as long as usual because the computer kept freezing.

Maybe rest was all the computer needed. Today it seems fine. Let's hope for the best...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Immigration Reform, In Search Of Answers and Solutions

By Scott McLean

Oftentimes in politics, solutions are difficult to arrive at. Issues seem to be debated forever. And answers continue to elude those asking the questions...

The following are but a few of the questions politicians are asking these days:

What to do about the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States? What to do to prevent millions more from sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border?

Those issues are now being considered by the U.S. Congress, something that should have been done years ago.

Are there 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants, as we are told over and over, or is the number even larger? Clearly, federal and state social services, paid for by taxpayers, are overburdened now by the wave of immigrants.

The emotional debate over immigration is understandable, yet Congress should neither bow to pressure to do next to nothing (grant amnesty and move on), nor just put up a barrier, which could be viewed by other countries as U.S. isolationism.

Anyone following American politics realizes compromise is a defining characteristic of U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, Congress and the President let the the illegal immigration get out of control, and only now is an effort being made to address it.

Of course the idea of amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants is not a popular one, and President Bush gave reasons for his opposition to amnesty in his radio address, which is also found in printed form as a White House press release.

The President wants Congress to pass a temporary worker program as part of immigration reform, instead of providing amnesty, which would amount to giving citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Why should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay when so many people from all over the planet are waiting to immigrate legally? Special treatment for illegal immigrants would not be fair to illegal immigrants.

Recently, protests by and for illegal immigrants brought attention to their demands to remain in the United States, yet the rallies were not given much critical scrutiny by mainstream media.

Observing such a spectactle may cause voters to wonder whether they, too, need to hold rallies in order to gain the attention of the media and Congress.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Immigration Reform... Is There No Middle Ground?

By Scott McLean

What to do about the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States? And what should be done to prevent millions more from sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border?

Despite the way way the rhetoric has sounded lately, immigration reform should be more than a choice between closing our eyes to the border problem and putting up a barrier to keep everybody out.

More next time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Thailand... Click and Read

Prime Minister Of Thailand Resigns, Calls For Unity
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More Articles...

Ukraine's Identity Observed In Parliamentary Elections
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Ukraine's Parliamentary Elections...

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Opening Day In Major League Baseball
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Major League Baseball Season Is Here At Last
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Immigration Reform Group Wants Fence On U.S.-Mexico Border

By Scott McLean

An immigration reform group named NoInvaders.Org this week proposed to double-fence part of the U.S.-Mexico border, according to the organization's press release on PR Newswire.

The fence would be privately-financed, made of barbed-wire and be equipped with solar wireless cameras, providing ongoing video that would go to a website, the NoInvaders.Org explained in the release, adding the fence would be built and monitored by volunteers, who could hear an alarm on their computers and then notify the Sheriff's department.

"Failed border security is about corruption, not incompetence or lack of money," says Jim Wood, founder of NoInvaders.Org. "Washington has often handcuffed Border Patrol and rejected every affordable and practical solution for securing our borders, their consternation was obvious in a Senate committee's rejection of 698 miles of fencing offered in H.R. 4437."

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Prime Minister Of Thailand Resigns, Calls For Unity

By Scott McLean

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on nationwide television the evening of April 4 announced his resignation but said he would remain in the position until a successor was chosen to replace him.

The Thai Government's Public Relations Department provided this information in a news release, explaining the Prime Minister's decision was intended to bring "national reconciliation" before the upcoming ceremonies in honor of the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King's accession to the throne.

During the next two months foreign dignitaries will be visiting Thailand, and Thaksin said the country needs to resolve differences in order to achieve unity, according to the news release.

Over the past two months protesters demanded Thaksin resign. In addition, Sunday's election had the highest number of no votes and invalid ballots in Thailand's parliamentary history.

Planet News Views Editorial: Immigration Reform Takes Center Stage In American Politics

Congress is considering what to do about all the illegal immigrants in this country and how to keep those numbers from growing much larger.

Millions of undocumented immigrants, mostly from Mexico, now live in the United States, and the overwhelmingly majority of them got here by sneaking across the U.S.- Mexico border.

We are told these people just want a better life, but that doesn't make it right. Terrorists could also sneak into the country, and that makes Americans wonder why more isn't being done to secure the borders.

Building a fence, as a few in Congress want to do, does not seem like the best option. Enforcing the border by putting more National Guardsmen there would make a lot of sense.

After all, if the United States government can spend hundreds of billions on the Iraq War, there must be enough money to protect the borders.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Headlines... Just Click and Read

Ukraine's Identity Observed In Parliamentary Elections
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Ukraine's Parliamentary Elections...
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Blogs Make A Difference On Our Planet
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When News Takes Backseat To Ads It's Not Pretty Planet News Views

Heat Go Cold When Playing Pistons, Suns Hot Shooting Continues
Planet News Views - Sports

Opening Day In Major League Baseball

More baseball predictions, written confidently, yes that's it...

By Scott McLean

Today is the official beginning of the 2006 Major League Baseball season. Boldly, yet nervously, ok confidently, yes that's it, I predicted the Chicago White Sox would go back to the World Series.

The American League is the White Sox to lose, as some say, which means they are the team to beat. It translates: The Yankees will need a strong year from Randy Johnson and the rest of the pitchers, who must be in top form when the playoffs begin, if they want to challenge the White Sox.

Ok, you now realize this is what is meant by "opinion" as opposed to "THE NEWS"... and you could easily make a case for the Yankees being world champs.

The National League is more difficult to figure out.

Actually, the Atlanta Braves, after all these years of winning divisions but not a championship in a while, should be tough again this year. But wouldn't it be fun to see the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox!

Then there are the Houston Astros and the St. Louis Cardinals with their mighty lineups. They have good starting pitchers and solid bullpens. That's why both teams are contenders.

Right now I'm leaning, leaning, leaning... in the direction of the Astros, but that could change by tomorrow, or later this week when I will have more comments. Check back later...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

FAIR: Senate Immigration Bill Would Put U.S. On Pace To Approach One Billion By 2100

By Scott McLean

An immigration reform group Friday criticized a U.S. Senate bill that it said would put U.S. population on pace to approach one billion people by the year 2100.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in a press release distributed by PR Newswire, wrote the bill is "one of the most irresponsible pieces of immigration legislation ever brought before the United States Congress."

"The so-called 'comprehensive immigration reform' legislation moving to the Senate floor would wreak havoc on the economic, social, and environmental life of the nation," warned Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

FAIR maintains that no analysis was done on the impact a billion people would have on resources, infrastructure and government programs.

Environmental issues, such as water resources, pollution and wilderness preservation, as well as education, health care and housing, are among the factors FAIR says Congress must examine before approving immigration reforms.

"Every member of Congress who supports this program of massive government mandated population growth should have an obligation to explain to the American people why he or she believes that this country will be better off with a population of a billion people within the lifetimes of today's children," said Stein.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform said it represents no private interest, corporation, union, political party or ethnic lobby.